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International Comparative Study On Dispatched Work

The International Labor Organization had made the conventions and recommendations about dispatched employment. Germany and Japan also made the relevant laws, but there were still no relevant laws about dispatched employment in Taiwan. In order to protect the rights of dispatched labors, the law-making which correspond with our national conditions. By comparing of the legalization about dispatched employment of America, Germany and Japan, we want to know the practical conditions and ana-lyze the advantages and disadvantages of those countries above. We can provide our country with the referential aspects in mak-ing the law about the dispatched employment in the future. The findings of this study as follow:1. The problems that may arise from dispatching work, including precarious employment relationship, improper exploitation, differential treatment, attri-bution of responsibilities on employer’s, and so on. 2. The labor dispatch of the legislation which has been promoted, after the adoption of legislation for two years, we have to review the issues of labor dispatch, and gradually allow the dispatch work. 3. In order to conform to the type of work dispatch, we have to amend the labor-related laws and ordinances. Keywords - Dispatch, Dispatched Employment, Dispatched Work, Dispatched Workers, Labor