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Design Of Home Power Management System For Electrical Appliances And Power Resources Using Mixed Integer Linear Programming (MILP)

Indonesia energy consumption has increased rapidly since early 2000s. Energy consumption grows by 4.2% per year over more than 15 years. The electricity energy consumption is growing so did the environmental pollution and the depletion of fossil sources. To solve these energy problems, conventional electrical system turns into smart grids. In the smart grid applications, there are some part to support the energy efficiency. Home power management system (HPMS) is one of the most important applications part of smart grids with renewable energy resources to improve the energy efficiency. With the application for residential central management power consumption to provides energy saving. In this paper, HPMS is a tool used to minimize the electricity cost. The system is composed of smart electrical appliances, power units (grid and photovoltaic systems with energy storage), the main controller, web application, and communication network. At the beginning of the day, the main controller of user request electrical prices from the grid and by using a Mixed Integer Linear Programming (MILP) is purposed a smart and efficient operation for the appliance, electrical prices and power units. This solution will provides lower cost foe electrical energy usage by scheduling the power resources through web applications. Simulation result shows that the HPMS can reduce the electrical cost by 30% up to 80%. Keywords - Home Power Management System, Smart Grids, Mixed Integer Linear Programming (MILP)