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System Identification and Control for Prototype for 12.7 mm Machine Gunusing PID Controller

The main purpose of this article is to describe the procedure of system identification for demonstrative 12.7 mm RCWS prototype Machine gun has been developed in Lagrange’s equations to analyze the performance and improvement of the operating performance by determining the center of gravity, mass, and inertia for system identification. Then, the controller design is applied and started from modeling the plant system model, analyzing the performance in closed-loop plant both in time and frequency domains. The results from simulation and experiments showed that the proposed a PID controller to control the azimuth and elevation angles that has superior control performance by the setting time less than 15 sec, the rise time less than 1.4 sec., and zero steady state. Keywords - Demonstrative 12.7 mm RCWS prototype Machine gun, System Identification, PID control