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Botany In"OS Sertoes" by Euclides DA Cunha

"Os Sertões" by Euclides da Cunha describes the conflict between the followers of Antônio Conselheiro and the army of Brazilian Republic in the county of Canudos (Bahia, Brazil). The author created a mixture of fiction and historical account, being currently a central work in Brazilian literature. The work presented here aims to list the plant species relating them to the representation of the Caatinga vegatation and the "Sertão". There were 163 plant citations, totaling 64 different species. The most cited was the Umbuzeiro, Caroá, Mandacaru, Juazeiro, Macambira, Palmatória, Xique-Xique and Jurema. Keywords - Caatinga, Canudos War, Antônio Conselheiro, Sertão, ethnobotany, history and literature