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Effect of Biochar Application on Friability of Soils with Different Texture

- A green house experiment was done to examine the effect of biochar on soil friability. The interrelations between soil properties and soil friability was also been studied. Three soils with different texture were used in the study. The soil was air dried, crushed and packed in a 28 kg plastic pot (15 cm diameter). The soil was applied with: (i) control (without any soil amendment), (ii) biochar, (iii) Ammonium enriched biochar. The soils was then planted with maize and harvested after the end of vegetative growth. The soil was fallowed for one month, and again planted with waize until the end of vegetative growth. After harvesting the second maize, soil samples were taken for laboratory analysis. The results show that biochar application influenced Plastic Limit and Liquid limit of kaolinite and illite clay soil, but not with Liquid Limit. Acitivity of soil dominated with monmorilonite clay mineral decreased with biochar application. Biochar application improved wet soil aggregate stability. The friability of all soils improved with biochar application. Soil friability positively correlated with soil organic matter and wet soil aggregate stability. Key words - Soil amendment, Atterberg limits, soil consistency, soil activity, soil tillage