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The Position of Music Computer Technologies in Informatics Course for Secondary School

The article raises the actual problem of contemporary process of teaching Informatics at school – search for the best tools and techniques for school`s information science in the audiovisual sector. The analysis of relevant existing instruments (current and near future projects). Do the facts justify the expected positive effect of the application of music computer technologies to teaching informatics in secondary school (as a general-education subjects). As an organizational and methodological resource authors propose the idea of development of electronic textbooks for music by students themselves. Displaying students performing educational projects using various subclasses selected by the authors of music computer technologies (MCT). The authors also give a number of examples of pedagogical experience in the areas of research identified in the article. The authors conclude: the teaching of computer science using the MCT at secondary school relevant as an opportunity to find a student’s creative response to the process of digitalization of culture, secured a high level of educational motivation of the student and other. Keywords - AudiovisualIinformation, Educational Project, General Education, Informatics, Music Computer Technologies (MCT)