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Islamic Accounting Information System Development: An Evidence From Indonesian Hospital

Periodical development of accounting information systems (AIS) is needed to deal with the dynamic times. For hospitals that are owned and the majority of patients are moslem, an Islamic AIS is needed. especially for hospitals that have been certified Sharia, then it becomes imperative to own and operate AIS sharia. Using of Islamic AIS can increase stakeholder satisfaction, especially hospital patients. The purpose of this paper is to explain how an Integrated IT Program can improve hospital performance simultaneously. We use the Unified Modeling Language (UML) for IAIS as needed. The research location is Muhammadiyah hospital in Indonesia. Computerized AIS was developed using temporary UML for database servers using MySQL and PHP as compilers. Research Methodology uses a qualitative approach. Collection of external data and relevant documentation. Review The findings of this study indicate an increase in performance in terms of: registration of new patients, making signs and recipes. The four indicators show performance in terms of shorter work time. We continue to develop IAIS until all computerized systems are integrated for the benefit of better manage. Keywords: Islamic Accounting Information System, Muhammadiyah hospital, Continuous Improvement, UML, MySQL