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Wave Propagation of Human Cancellous Bone using BIOT'S Theroy

The investigation of acoustic wave propagation through a saturated poroelastic media such as bone is a fundamental step in developing osteoporosis diagnosis. Several theoretical models have been demonstrated based on the Biot's model to study vibro-acoustic in a poroelastic material. The aimof this research is to study the wave propagation from a two-dimensional (2D) human bone based on the Biot's model. The compact bone is assumed as an elastic structure while the Cancellous bone is considered pro-elastic. A viscous uid is used to model the marrow and blood cells inside the Cancellous bone. The bone structure is assumed to be submerged incompressibleuid media and subjected to a plane incident wave. The Acoustic-Solid-Poroelastic Waves interaction multiphysics interfaces which coupled the acoustic media, solid domain and Poroelastic Waves are engaged. The Navier's equations have been solved using Finite Element Method (FEM) to determine displacements, stresses, and strains. Finally, the external and internal sound _eld pressure magnitude have been calculated for di_erentapplied frequencies. Keywords - Incident Plane Wave, Cancellous Bone, Elastic Waves, Finite Element Method, Fluid-Saturated Porous Media