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Studying Electronic Musical Instruments: Main Content Of The Musical Informatics Training Course For Children

The article is devoted to the problems connected with the process of learning the art of performing on electronic musical instruments and the necessity of teaching musical informatics to children studying electronic musical instruments. In particular, the authors consider the elements of the program “Electronic musical instruments in contemporary education”, which is implemented in children's schools of art, palaces and art houses, centers of extracurricular activities with students and other institutions of the system of additional children’s education, is considered. The need for the introduction of this program has several reasons. First of all, it is the interest of young people to contemporary information technologies and their application, in particular, in the field of electronic and computer music, as well as the need to improve the information and professional competence of teachers-musicians. Learning to play electronic musical instruments acquires a special relevance in the system of general music education at the school of the Digital Age, such an opportunity can also be provided in the system of additional education of students. Today in the class of electronic musical instruments it is necessary to meet the requirements of modern society in connection with the growing social demand for a higher level of professionalism, it is necessary to conduct a quality educational process and develop new, including digital technologies in the field of art. The discipline “Musical Informatics”, which is constantly evolving, since the mid-70s (IRCAM, France), is designed to solve a number of educational problems in this direction. Index Terms - Electronic Musical Instruments (EMI), Music Computer Technologies (MCT), Musical Informatics, Musical Education.