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Corporate Social And Environmental Disclosures And Market Value Of Listed Firms In Nigeria

This study examines the effect of Social and Environmental Disclosures (SED)on the market value of listed firms in Nigeria. Eighty four (84) firmswere purposively selected for the period 2011 to 2016. The aggregate of(SED) were regressed on Market Value (Tobin’s Q), while firmsize, financial performance, board size, leverage, affiliation to foreign company and industry type were factored in as extraneous variables. Data obtained through content analysis of annual reports of sampled firms were analysed through descriptive statistics and regression analysis. The result of the descriptive analysis showed that themean score for the SED is above average and the standard deviation for almost all the variables is low whichindicated that the deviation of the actual data from their mean is not significant. The OLS result revealed that SED, firm size, financial performance, affiliation with foreign company and industry type have significant effect on the market value of firms, while Board size and leverage do not significantly influence the market value of firms. The study recommends that firms should disclose information on their environmental performance as a way of adding value. Key Words - Social and Environmental Disclosures, Market value, Nigeria