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Virtual Workplace for Effective Economic Sustainable Development Policies in The Egyptian Public Banking Sector

Virtual organizations represent a paradigm shift for policymakers anticipated to increase effectiveness of economic sustainable development. Despite the growing numbers of researches dedicated to the topic of Virtual Workplace in developed countries, few studies have been elaborated to explore developing countries, especially the MENA region. This study was inspired by the theoretical research framework proposed by Fathy El Dessouky (2011) to investigate the relationship between virtual organizations and the effectiveness of economic sustainable development policies in the public banking sector in Egypt. The research examined five well-known Egyptian commercial public sector banks which have taken serious steps towards e-banking system. A questionnaire with closed-ended questions was distributed to a random sample of employees at the top, middle and executive levels of management. The research advocated action plans regarding the VW, in particular to satisfy the requirements of economic sustainable development policies in developing countries. Keywords - Virtual Workplace (VW), Effective Economic Sustainable Development Policies, Egyptian Commercial Public Banking Sector.