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Construction Planning and Schedulling for a Construction Project using Building Information Modelling (BIM)

Nowadays, there are less compatible model which is integrated with each of structure, architecture and plumbing. In reality, there are many facing problems such as uncertainties on location, number of structural members, same space occupation by different disciplines, low quality, time and cost overruns and so on. Therefore, it is necessary to reduce these before commence of actual construction by using appropriate techniques. This paper aims to plan and schedule the construction project by using Building Information Modelling (BIM). This attempted to explain modeling combined with time for better coordination, communication and share information among project team which is useful for projects in terms of performance and time as compare to 2D traditional technique. In this case study, commercial software such as Autodesk Revit 2017, MS Project and Autodesk Navisworks Manage 2017 are used. This technique can detect clashes before coordination of building. And then, it can make the better coordination for this construction. After doing coordination, it continues to plan and schedule of building. So, this causes more accurate estimate time for construction.It can be observed that the commercial building is checked by using Revit software and it improved collaboration using integrated project delivery. When BIM model is individualized as phases in preconstruction stage, more accurate visualization of the design can be found by clients, engineers, contractors and sub-contractors compared to 2D technique. Moreover, according to the planning and scheduling, project duration is shorter than that by using the 2D traditional technique. The duration of the construction which was of about 7 years according to the traditional method, it was also reduced by three years using BIM method. So, it was observed that the difference of these schedules were 40%. It can be seen that time control makes cost control. This paper concludes that time control by using BIM is the best alternative to traditional project scheduling tools like CPM networks, bar charts. Thus, BIM technique is more effective than traditional technique. Index terms - Building Information Modelling, BIM software’s, 2D technique, Scheduling, Time control.