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Smart City: Global Trend and The Move of Thailand

Smart city is innovative city management derived from scholars and city development phenomenon. The ideas as such are changing as dynamics of knowledge and technology. Smart city, therefore, can be described as city or community focusing on the development entirely, creatively with sustainability including the element of information technology. City’s characteristics reflect the way of life in digital era emphasizing on future, speed, and smartness. However, indicators of smart city are varying due to the city’s context and need. Presently, global trend on smart city is interested in smart city’s architectures and its scenario. In case of Thailand, the country looks at smart city as a tool leading the nation to Thailand 4.0 policy. Hence, smart city can be seen as the idea to create city or community with sustainability on economics, society, and environment under Thailand Master’s Plan aiming to reserve diversity and difference. Currently, the pilot smart city of Thailand is Phu Ket province. However, challenges regarding progress of smart city in Thailand still exist in the areas of legal issues, multidisciplinary idea, and lack of knowledge among citizens. Index Terms - Urban Management, Smart City, Digital City, Wireless City, Knowledge- Based City