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Energy Management of Home Micro Grid System: Cellular Automata Approach

Around the world, renewable energies, electric vehicles, energy management systems, and micro-grids are rapidly being adopted for various reasons such as the decrease in fossil energy resources, the fall in the cost of renewable energy technologies and the commitment of governments to energy efficiency programs. This allows the appearance of new energy systems in which a citizen is become the prosumer, both a producer and a consumer of energy. Various types of prosumers exist, also in our work we focus on the Energy Sharing Home Micro Grid structure (ES_HMG). The idea behind the ES_HMG is to connect small micro grid nodes (house) with each other, where each node can operate autonomously, yet has the ability to intelligently share energy with the entire MicroGrid. In this work we propose a model of cellular automaton for energy management of ES_HMG, the model allows us to identify the state of the house according to various defined states (creation, transmission, storage, or consumption of energy) and to ensure a power flow balancing. The change of states is governed by means of several attributes such as the power demand and occupancy, temperature, irradiation, voltage, currents and battery SOS. Some simulation illustrates our approach. Keywords - Cellular Automata, Micro Grid, Prosumer, Energy Management