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Perceived Stressors among Kuwaiti BSN Students on the Aspects of Nursing Education Programs

Nursing is not an easy occupation because nurses deal with critical issues every day that make it a stressful job. The purpose of the current study is to identify the stressor factors that cause stress to Kuwaiti nursing students. This study employed a quantitative approach using a questionnaire survey to collect the data from 57 bachelor nursing students. The questionnaire consisted of 10 variables that can cause stress to the nursing students which are as follows: 1) theory, 2) examinations, 3) assignments, 4)workload, 5) classrooms hours, 6) clinical placements, 7) the death of a patient, 8) relationships with ward staff, 9) relationships with nurse tutors, and 10) relationships with clinical placement coordinator. The results of the current study demonstrated that the highest factors that caused stress to the nursing students were: the death of a patient, examinations, and theory. While the lowest factors that caused stress to the students were: relationships with ward staff, relationships with clinical placement coordinator, and relationships with nurse tutors. These results showed that the academic issues stress students more than the clinical issues. At the end of the study recommendations for educators and researches have been provided. Keywords - Nursing Students, Stress, Clinical Factors, Academic Factors