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Emergent Leaders with Distinction

Leadership challenges stemming from contemporary issues have meant that the way we conduct business has changed and so the way we choose leaders must also change. Although much leadership research and selection methods exist, their discourse does not clarify practical applications for choosing leaders in these uncertain times. The current work aims to address this matter by attempting to answer the question: Is there a straightforward way of choosing leaders based on undeniable criteria? The essay draws a distinction between emergent and assigned leaders to pinpoint factors that are not accessible for leader development but inherent in effective leadership. Possible explanations for how those who attained leadership positions came by them are put forward and interviews with managers revealed that assigned leaders were mostly chosen from among emergent ones subjectively or because of seniority but not through formal personnel selection methods. In addition to measures recommended by psychologists for choosing leaders, the present paper proposes to concurrently employ weighted criteria and distinguishing factors, namely, personality traits, natural characteristics (whether physical, mental or circumstantial), and gift elements. This conceptual model describes the suspected relationship between the identifiable constructs, emergent leaders, and effective leadership with the aim of assisting leadership decision makers to forecast and choose leaders in more practical ways. Keywords - Emergent Leadership, Leader Assignment, Leader Selection