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XY Plotter

The robotic X-Y plotter is robot which offers a fastest way to powerfully produce very large drawings. This Robotic X-Y Plotter which is basically centred to the vector graphic device, wherein the robot designs or sketches the input given from the computer on the drawing board or a sheet of paper using Arduino UNO microcontroller on a open-source physical computing platform Arduino IDE software. The board is fed with polargraph server arduino based program which is required for the accurate diagram, and thus with the aid of processing software (version 1.0.5) in which polargraph libraries are uploaded, the robot starts sketching. The X-Y robotic plotter, as the name suggests has a two axis control (i.e. X and Y axis), and a distinctive mechanism to lift up and lift down the pen. Each axis is drove using a single servo motor. Pen control is achieved using a servo, and the flexibility of the this motor which is suspended and attached through GT2 pulley belt, is controlled by the two stepper motor fixed at the corner of the board or sheet of paper. This arrangement allows the robot to perform tasks at a good pace and with increased accuracy. Keywords - Arduino UNO, Polargraph, Stepper Motor, Servo Motor, Plotter, GT2 Pulley Belt.