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Smart Cradle

In the present day the factor which is the busiest is time. People are so busy with their work and schedules that they do not have time for their dear ones. This project is inspired from a similar problem where parents are unable to pay much attention to infants. This Smart Cradle is a programmed motor controlled cradle designed for babies when the parents are not present at home to attend the baby. The functionality of the cradle depends on the movement of the limbs of the baby on waking up from sleep. The motion of the limbs of the baby is detected by the IR sensor present in the cradle. The signals sensed by the sensor is used to trigger the GSM module which sends a message or calls the parents. This would draw the parents’ attention towards the child and then the motor starts rotating at a fixed speed which would start rocking the cradle at a comfortable speed. Also if the parent wants they can attach a speaker in the cradle which on instigating which would play some soothing music which could help the baby to fall asleep again or at least prevent him/her from crying. The cradle is programmed and designed with Ardiuno software for proper functionality of the whole system. It also makes it very easy to use as the interface is quite user friendly and the parent does not necessarily need to have the knowledge of all the hardware and software components. Keywords - Cradle, Baby, Movement Detection, IR Sensor