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A Genetic Algorithm based Approach to Solve Transport Problems for School Buses

Transport service problem consist of multiple paths to some destination among which only one path works best on basis of certain constraints such as time, distance, etc. These constraints give different measures for optimal path to be selected. A genetic algorithm (GA) performs natural selection. GA belongs to the class of evolutionary algorithms known to give better results. In urban areas most of the schools with more than 50 school buses running around the large city to pick-up students from different locations around the city and drop them to school. Any student after being picked in a school bus must travel for least time along with that each school bus must be occupied such that only optimal number of school buses is required. Here the genetic algorithm generates chromosomes which evolve in each iteration that minimizes the time requirement for each bus along the best path. At the end an optimal solution is obtained which shows path for each bus. Keywords - Genetic Algorithm, Transport Service Problem, Cross-Over, Mutation, Selection, Chromosomes