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Application of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in the Field of Electrical Engineering: An Overview

Requirement of high quality Electrical Energy on the consumer side, increased generation, expansion of generating units, importation of advanced industrial drives and electrical machineries, Intruding of Non-Conventional energy sourcesled to the induction of Artificial Intelligence and machine learning technology in the field of Electrical Engineering. As the systems are getting sophisticated with time, so the planning, control and monitoring of the electrical systems in various filed needs an intelligent approach. Hence development of upgraded methodologies and technologies are required which can take into account all the non-linearity and dynamics of the system behavior to incorporate fast and smooth operation in practical field. This paper discusses various challenges in the diverse fields of electrical engineering and how the Artificial Intelligence technique and machine learning is becoming a boon to these fields in dealing with difficult task and making a contribution towards the betterment of the entire system. Keywords - Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Electrical Engineering, Power systems, Electrical Machines and drives.