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An Assessment of The Golf Tourists’ Experiences With Hierarchical Experience Model: The Case of Belek Tourism Center in Turkey

Turkey is an important golf center with international quality of golf facilities in golf tourism, which is one of the types of alternative tourism. Belek tourism center of Antalya, which receives the increasing interest of domestic and foreign tourists to golf tourism centers, attracts tourists who prefer more tranquil sports with a higher level of income. Turkey is aware of this orientation and so has begun to focus on improving the existing potential of golf tourism. It is planned to use the "Hierarchical Experience Model" developed by Kung (2018) in this study which aims to investigate the experiences of tourists who have experienced on the golf courses with their passions. It is aimed to understand the experiences of golf tourists by conducting face to face interviews with local and foreign tourists in the related destination within the scope of qualitative method. Thus, it is suggested that destination administrators should take into account the experiences of tourists in planning and marketing golf tourism destinations. Keywords - Golf Tourism, Golf Tourists' Experiences, Hierarchical Experience Model, Belek, Antalya.