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The Theory of Energy (Shakti)

"The Theory of Shakti or The Theory of Energy" is theory for everything in physics, either things related with classical physics or quantum physics. I have discovered some properties of Energy by calculating the fundamental forces of universe like gravity, nuclear forces, electromagnetism and electromagnetic waves because energy is first unit of universe, so energy must have some own properties and those properties are the reasons for creating space, time, particle, gravity, dark matter, dark energy and universe etc. The same rules apply everywhere in this universe and if same rules are applying everywhere then why we are getting different rules from different things. This theory also explain us, why is this happening. This theory is able to explain unsolved problem in physics like... 1.) Why particles have dual nature? 2.) What is dark matter and dark energy? 3.) What is cause of particle entanglement? 4.) What is singularity and how can anything get singularity? 5.) Gravity exists in which form (graviton is not cause of gravity) and how Gravity really works. 6.) Limitations of universe. 7.) Exact definition of Time and about time travelling. 8.) Energy strings do not exist in reality. This Theory also explain that actual universe is too large but our visual universe is just a very small part of actual universe and this theory can define that how is our universe. This theory explain us lot of things about universe like above mentioned interesting things. The Theory of Energy or The Theory of Shakti can explain everything in the universe so we can considered this theory as "The Theory of Everything". Index terms - Energy, Attraction of Shakti (Energy), Repulsion of Shakti (Energy), Resultant force of Shakti.