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The Relationship Between Health Risks, Coffee Consumption and The Price of Coffee in The United States: 2006-2016

This paper looks at the health risks associated with coffee consumption and the relationship between the amount of coffee consumption and the price of coffee in the U.S. In a 2015 Gallup Survey, coffee drinkers tend to be older and wealthier. Low income individuals consume less coffee than their higher income counterparts. Moreover, whites are shown to drink more coffee than nonwhites and those persons living in the East and Midwest tend to drink slightly more than those living in the West. There were no significant differences between coffee consumption by gender or educational attainment. In this analysis, it was shown that the correlation coefficient between coffee consumption and the price of coffee was -0.27. Therefore, we can conclude that there is negative relationship between coffee consumption and the price of coffee and that coffee drinkers are not very affected if the price of coffee increase. This suggests that coffee drinkers will continue to consume coffee even at higher prices, even if there are health risks associated with its consumption. Key words- health issues, coffee, consumption, price