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Hospital Logistics: A Bibliometric Analysis

To investigate trends in hospital logistics, we compared the contribution of publications among different journals, through a bibliometric analysis. The increasing importance of logistics within hospital institutions is related to the fact that it is a differentiating area in the health sector and should be seen in an approach oriented not only towards cost rationalization, but also as a preponderant element in supporting health care delivery. The literature on hospital logistics and supply chain management in hospital institutions has been growing, mainly since 2005, and the expansion might continue at a rapid pace, although still very scarce and the number of papers about these topics are in a very small number, offering significant research opportunities. The objective of this paper is to present a bibliometric analysis, describing the state ofthe art on logistics in hospital institutions. The results show that the interest and relevance that hospital management has been giving to logistics has increased in recent years. This area is gaining importance because there is a recognition that logistics is an important component to obtain health cost control, without reducing the quality of the services provided. Keywords - Logistics Hospital, Processes, Supply Chain Management, Healthcare