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Exploring Organizational Loyalty in Light of Toxic Leadership Practices Field Study in The University of Baghdad

For years researchers studied the positive side of leadership, overlooking the dark or negative side of it on employees and organizations .today organizations are experiencing toxicity in the behavior of their leaders which can reflect and influence the behavior and perspectives on loyalty of the employees in the organization. for establishing knowledge about the relationship between two valuable variables ,the toxic leadership style as its one of the most uncovered behavior in the existing leadership theories , and organizational loyalty, the study aims to explore the relationship between toxic leadership practices and organizational loyalty from the perspective of faculty in the university of Baghdad . The study used a descriptive- analytical method. Research sample is 112 university faculty in the university of Baghdad for the year 2017.The data was collected using questionnaire shortened version of Schmidt (2008) toxic leadership,(Allen&Meyer,1990) organization loyalty scale., which consists of 20 paragraph distributed on 3 dimensions (emotional ,continuing ,slandered loyalty ). statistical analysis SPSS was used . The data was analyzed using both descriptive and inferential statistics .The findings of this research revealed a negative effect of toxic leadership practices on faculty members loyalty in the university of Baghdad . the results was in harmony with past research findings in literature . but it’s the first to explore such style of leadership in educational organization as a university . one of the main recommendations was an in-depth future qualitative study to investigate toxic leadership behaviors in other educational organizations like schools& institutes . Key words- Toxic Leadership, Organizational loyalty, university