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A Comparative Perspective on The Statutory Regulation of Endocrine Disruptors Between South Korea and India

The India Government should beregulated Endocrine DisruptorsSubstances (EDS) called environmental hormonessubstancesbecause Endocrine Disruptors Substances affect the reproductive systems of human beings and animals. This paperexamined to concentrate on three kinds of chemical material - bisphenol-A, nonylphenol, and phthalate - among the 70 blacklisteddesignatedas environmental hormones by WWF and Stockholm Convention through comparative law study on the regulation act of Endocrine Disruptors Substances in South Korea and India. This study shows the necessity of the regulatory schemeon after understanding the current actual status of regulation on (EDS)status through news articles reviewing of scientificresearch paper, the government data, and by using interdisciplinary approach method.Because India Government does not regulate on the endocrine disruptor substances, based on the findings of this study, India government should enhance the level of regulation to curb environmental hormone pollution through legal revisions. Index Terms - BPA, Endocrine Disruptor, Environmental hormone, nonylphenol, and phthalate.