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Role of Geological, Geotechnical and Structural Factors for Settlement Site Selection: A Case Study of Isikli Town in Civril Graben (Denizli, Sw Turkey)

Land use and development plans require geological and geotechnical studies which are vital for a modern urbanization. Microzonation studies for development plans are decisive for safe environment and sustainable development. Most of the urbanizations in many parts of Turkey, were established on the graben edges controlled by active faults. The situation in the Civril graben is also similar case. The poor ground conditions in this basin, where seismic activity is high and very close to the faults, and shallow ground waters increase the destructive power of the earthquakes. This study is focused on settlement suitability of Isikli (Denizli) Municipal area. The area is on an alluvium plain where is located on west of Isikli Lake and surrounded by active fault lines. The area has been divided into three parts in terms of urbanizations. Index Terms - Active tectonics, Civril graben, geotechnics, SW Turkey.