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Microzoning of Irgilli Municipal Area Based on Tectonic, Hydrogeological and Geotechnical Parameters

Geological and geotechnical studies, decisive on land use and development plans, are the basic stage of a modern urbanization. Microzonation studies for development plans are crucial for safe environment and sustainable development. This study is focused on settlement suitability of Irgıllı (Denizli) Municipal area. The area is on an alluvium plain where is located on south of Lake Işıklı and surrounded by active fault lines. Some geotechnical tests and hydrogeological studies have been performed and the area was classified in terms of settlement characteristics. According to results of this study, it is determined that the southern part of the area is more suitable to settlement than the northern part. Index Terms - Microzoning, geotechnics, active tectonics, Irgilli, SW Turkey.