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Evaluation of Assorted Factors and Genetics of Cancer Predisposition in Bangladesh

Like the rest of the world Bangladesh also has the second highest mortality rate due to the deadly disease cancer. This original research article aims a comprehensive study on evaluating assorted factors and genetics of cancer predisposition in Bangladesh. Cancer patients visiting National Institute of Cancer Research and Hospital and Ahsania Mission Cancer Hospital from July 2017 to November 2017 were considered for an observational and retrospective study. Variegated environmental and health factors like tobacco exposure, harmful chemical compounds, sugar containing processed foods and soft drinks, red and processed meat, obesity were set as different parameters based on geographical location and validity of the factors to evaluate their relatedness to various cancers. Moreover, a detailed evaluation of patients’ family history and medical records were conducted to reach out the genetics of cancer predisposition. Therefore, the findings of the study may be useful to create awareness and initiate proper safety measures by presenting the association of these factors with variety of cancers which appear not due to heredity but as a result of alteration in the patients’ genes and triggering carcinogenesis. Keywords - Assorted Factors, Tobacco Exposure, Red and Processed Meat, Obesity, Cancer Genetics