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From the Neuromarketıng Perspectıve: The Role of Narratıves ın the Advertısıng

The role of the stories and the effects on communication are widely discussed. Narrative advertising expresses the essential message by telling a story. The aim of the study is to investigate the emotional arousal aspect and recalling process for narrative ads, along with how the presentation format of the advertising (narrative, non-narrative) may have an effect on consumers' emotional information and recalling processing. In order to observe the effect a paradigm consisting of narrative and non-narrative advertising was designed. The sample consisted of 35 adults, ranging in age from 20 to 40 years (Male: M=28, SD=5.4; Female: M=24.5, SD=5.1) 54, 3 per cent of the sample were males, 45, 7 per cent were females. During the whole procedure, the GSR sensor Shimmer3, Eye Tribe, and The AFFDEX facial expression coding devices were used. The findings support that the narrative advertisement does not evoke significant GSR response, while facial coding analysis demonstrates statistically meaningful difference between the narrative advertisement the non-narrative advertisement. Keywords - Narrative ads, Non-narrative ads, GSR, Facial Coding, Advertising Recall, Advertising, Neuromarketing