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A Longitudinal Study On Work Engagement, Work Pressure And Work Satisfaction Of Care Givers In Taiwan

�Age wave� is a global issue, and �long-term care� is the most important health and welfare policy in Taiwan as well as in the world. With the aging population structure, chronic disease, complex care issues and the long-term care time; increasing proportion of the elderly people living alone, fertility rate below the replacement level, changes in social values and other factors, the long-term care needs have been increasing ardent. This paper discusses the longitudinal study on work engagement, work pressure and work satisfaction of care givers in Taiwan. Care givers in Taiwan were considered as the parent group in the scope of questionnaire survey. An average of 300 questionnaires was distributed aimed at the care givers in northern, central and southern parts, and a total 30 long-term care agencies were selected randomly. The empirical results indicated that work engagement degree of care givers is positively correlated with work pressure; their work pressure degree is negatively correlated with work satisfaction; their work engagement degree is positively correlated with work satisfaction. This study has the substantial significance and value in human resource management and development in the aspect of long-term care system in Taiwan, and will be more helpful to management efficiency of care givers of the future government policy and dealers. Keywords- Care Givers, Work Engagement, Work Pressure, Work Satisfaction