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A Study on the Derivation of the Fire Service Vulnerable Areas in Cheongju City using a GIS Spatial Analysis Method

This study analyzes the fire service area in the integrated city of Cheongju city by spatial unit and derives the fire service vulnerable area through it. The purpose of this study is to propose comprehensive evaluation of firefighting in Cheongju city and basic layout of fire fighting force suitable for Cheongju city. For this purpose, fire protection access areas were derived through network analysis using GIS. Through the analysis of Kernel Density, illegal parking and high density areas were identified by analyzing the area density of illegal parking and stopping, Vulnerable areas. As a result, 118,033 buildings were derived from the five - minute zone service vulnerable buildings and 78,373 buildings were derived from the ten-minute zone vulnerable buildings. In addition, there is no adequate fire service for the integrated city of Cheongju, and it is derived that there is a difference in the ratio of service weak areas in the place where Cheongju city was located and Cheongwoncounty. In order to overcome the distribution of service area which is against this equality, it was judged that proper firefighting arrangement was needed in the place where Cheongwon - gun was located in the past, and It was judged that illegal parking enforcement should be strengthened in places where Cheongju city was located in the past. The results of this study are suggested as the base data of fire fighting force arrangement suitable for integrated city of Cheongju. Keywords - Road, 119 Safety Center, Vulnerable Area of Fire Service, Illegal parking, Network Analysis, Kernel Density Analysis