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Educate “Samurai” Spirit of the Japanese for Students of Developing Countries When Teaching Japanese Language

Overcoming a lot of sorrows and difficulties, the Japanese further demonstrates their unity, discipline and resilience of the nation which has a very special culture. Their resilience is worth pondering and drawing precious experiences. Then what makes that resilience of the Japanese is perhaps a very interesting question. How we can inspire that Great Spirit for students who are living in developing countries so that they can feel, learn and apply the right things to their daily life. From then on, they are further enriched by their personality. The indomitable perseverance of the Japanese is well deserved to be imparted to learners through the instructing process, especially the process of imparting knowledge of Japanese. This study was conducted on books, journals as well as data analysis from 100 Vietnamese students who study in Japan and come from FPT University, University of Technology and Education, V and J Human Academy and University of Natural Sciences in Ho Chi Minh City in the period of 2017-2018 by Hancock (1998) investigation method. The research result shows that it is necessary to inspire learners by the great will of the samurai warriors in particular and Japanese people in general in order to have more effective learning hours. Keywords - Education; Martial Arts, Samurai; Great Spirit, Japan, Culture, Dev$eloping Countries