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Investıgatıon of Tıme Dependent Local Scourıng in Geocell Reınforced Downstream of Hydraulıc Structures

Hydraulic structures such as dams, diversion weirs, open channels and rivers beds are always confronted with problems of scouring. Base scouring may cause hydraulic structures to be damaged or even destroyed. For this reason, additional hydraulics are made to control the energy of flow. Geosynthetic products have become available in many areas of civil engineering in recent years. Geocell materials provide great benefits in areas such as soil strengthening and slope stability. These materials are useful for protecting hydraulic structures against scouring problems. In this study, the effect of the maximum depth of scouring of geocell material placed in the discharge channel downstream with a 50 degree base angle and the variation of the maximum depth of scouring due to time was investigated. The results obtained were interpreted to try to understand the time-dependent change in the mechanism of scouring on the geocell-restricted zone. Keywords - Cellular confinement systems, Geocell, Hydraulic structures, Scour, Time Depent Local Scouring