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QOS-Aware Proportional Fair (QAPF) Downlink Scheduling Algorithm for LTE Network

Long Term Evolution (LTE) supports several QoS (quality of services) classes and tries to guarantee their requirements. There are two main different QoS classes: Guaranteed Bit rate (GBR) such as VoIP and non-Guaranteed Bit Rate (non-GBR) such as FTP or HTTP. Having these different QoS requirements in packet domain introduces an additional challenge on the LTE MAC scheduler design. Therefore, the scheduler has to be aware of the different service requirements and satisfy them. In this paper, QoS aware proportional fair downlink scheduler (QAPF) is proposed. It can optimize the use of available resources while maintaining QoS requirements of different service classes. The result will show the performance evaluation of the proposed scheduler by comparing with others. Keywords- LTE, QoS, GBR, nonGBR, QAPF