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The Effect of Curing Temperature on Interlaminar Toughening Ability of PVB Nanofiber At Phenolic-Based Composites

In this research, PVB nanofibers as an interlaminar toughener were used in glass- phenolic composite cured at 160 oC (NML-160) and 180 oC (NML-180) curing tempretures. For investigation fracture behaviour of samples under mode I and II loading, all samples subsequently subjected to double cantilever beam (DCB) and end-notch flexure (ENF) tests. It was found that PVB nanoweb could be able to increase GI by 60% and 88% and GIIC by 32% and 63% in the case of NML-160 and NML-180 specimens, respectively; in comparison with their non-modified counterparts. Also, the research proved the importance of curing temperature on nanofiber toughening performance and illustrated using PVB nanofiber as interlaminar toughener method is more effective at the lower curing temperature. The sample with lower curing temperature (NML-160) can improve 92% and 100% GI and GII respectively in comparison to NML-180 samples. Keywords - Phenolic- based composite, PVB nanofiber, Interlaminar fracture toughness, Curing temperature.