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Intelligent and Resilience Urban Infrastructures Planning in Smart Cities: An Overview and New Resilience Evaluation Method

Undoubtedly, infrastructure is the backbone of the world’s economies. This include transportation networks, such as bridges, tunnels, subways, railways, ship yard cranes; water delivery, utilities, dams, various pipeline networks, power transmission, communication network, government centers, and large business centers. Resilience is fundamentally a theoretical concept. Yet ongoing and warranted reflection regarding this concept in the context of disaster and emergency management and mitigation, crisis management, and the protection of critical infrastructures, for instance, has thrust this concept into the policy making arena, where considerations concerning its practical application are becoming important. While difficult, given the complexity of resilience, and its definitional ambiguity, the ability to assess such a concept helps to bridge the gap between theory and application, between academic and policy circles. This paper introduces an overview of the intelligent and resilience urban infrastructures to support smart cities. It discusses and compares different definitions of the resilience infrastructures and big data (BD) and data mining (DM), methodology of implementation and explores the opportunities, challenges and benefits of incorporating resilience using BD applications for smart cities. In addition it endeavor to identify the requirements that support the implementation of resilience applications for smart city services. The review reveals that several opportunities are available for apply the resilience on infrastructure in smart cities; however, there are still many issues and challenges to be addressed to achieve better utilization of this technology, and the new evaluation methodology for the resilience system used gave specific and satisfied results and completely methodology for resilience evaluation. Index Terms - Resilience, Intelligent Infrastructures, Smart Cities.