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E-Commerce a Boon to Fashion Industry? Trending Changes on Consumers Preference in India

In 2007 when E-Commerce entered India many retailers directly criticised that consumers would ever take to buying fashion apparels through online.Online apparels sales in India have raised the eyeballs of many high street retailers ,breaking the age old myth nowadays they are willing to sell their apparels through online finding that their sales percentage have dramatically increased year on year compared to off –store sales .E-commerce is a deserving concept in the further of apparels industry. Nearly 52% of apparels are sold in India through online, the percentage have neither increased but not decreased. India being a conservative country for centuries forced many retailers to adopt our traditional looks. But not nowadays,hectic competition in apparels industry have forced retailers to throw away their traditional outfits and come out with bold and updated looks.Consumers have also changed their preference, willingness to try a different look have made them to look out for new things. Using this as an opportunity the e-commerce channels introduced trending collections of fashion apparels to their door step. Understanding the consumer’s mindset they regularly upgraded their apparels to present trending preferred by the international consumers. Innumerable collections, Discounts, 24x7 service, free home delivery are also the other main factors that indulge consumers to prefer online. Keywords - Fashion Apparels, E-Commerce, Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, Consumers, Retailers, India.