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The Role of Perceived Ethical Leadership on Employee Work Place Behavior: A Case Study of Ministry of Public Administration Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh

the objective of this study was to examine the role of perceived ethical leadership on employees’ workplace behavior in ministry of public administration of Bangladesh. This study achieved its objective by using qualitative research method. As a result, this study found six themes: the role of leaders in Bangladeshi government organization, characteristics of ethical leadership, (Role model, Fair, Ethical Decision Making, Provide rewards and recognition to his followers, Honest, Loyal and hard worker, Integrity, encourage his followers to participate in decision making through two way communications), Experiences of Bangladeshi employees when their leader is ethical, The Existence of Ethical Leaders in Bangladeshi Government Organization, The impact of ethical leadership on their employee and organization (The employee won’t be deprived of their rights, Builds trust in followers, Impact on organization and employee work related attitude), Need of Ethical Leaders in Bangladesh. Index Terms - ethical leadership, employee, work place behavior, public administration, Bangladesh.