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Between Management And Leadership A Comparative Study With Reference to (Zayed Al Nahyan, Henry Kessinger and Nelson Mandela)

In this paper I am reflecting on Abraham Zaleznik’s paper “managers and leaders: are they different?” He was a prominent Harvard business school professor who attacked management style for depending only on rationality and achieving goals. He believed that managers and leaders are totally different persons. He described managers as inscrutable, detached and manipulative. Plus, while managers are interested in control and how things are done, leaders are more concerned with ideas and innovation. I try to probe into various questions related to both management and leadership to approach a clearer opinion for these inquires: do managers and leaders really have completely different personalities? Are leaders more empathetic than managers? What makes managers inscrutable and manipulative? Is this innate or acquired? In which way leaders are different? Seems a huge task but I will tackle this issue by conducting a comparative study among three prominent figures as Zayed Al Nahyan, Henry Kessinger and Nelson Mandela. Keywords - management, leadership, professional development, Zaleznick, Kissinger, AL Nahyan, Mandela