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Social Network users Behavior and Attitude: A Case Study of Using Google Apps for Education of Private University in Pathumthani

The purpose of this thesis is to study social network users behavior and attitude, a case study of using Google Apps for Education of the private university in Pathumthani. The study result shows that 1) Personal Characteristics: the study was mostly made among undergraduate male student from which the social networks or online network can build relationship between you and friends in a form of network linkage to keep up with the times. 2) The acceptance of innovation of Google Apps for Education to support learning and teaching: The acceptance of social network users towards Google App for Education shows high-level opinion. 3) Comparison of the acceptance of Google App for Education to support learning and teaching to personnel characteristics: according to all 4 hypothesis, it shows that the different of the individual characteristics effects the comprehensive different attitude towards social network, a case study of Google Apps for Education, and also the acceptance of information technology i.e. using skill, computerized experience, data base knowledge and document typing knowledge Keywords - Users behavior, Attitude, Social Network, Google Apps for Education, Private University in Pathumthani province