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The Development of Reasoning Skills for Mathematics Student Major on Second Year by Using Socratic Method Questioning

The Learning of Mathematics Major Student on second year have many problems such as Student can't usereason for explain to connection content in mathematics, Student can't create a question for learning mathematics and Student have no deep knowledge in mathematic.This research is experimental research, have an objective to 1) Develop reasoning skills of Mathematics Student major on second year.and 2) Study of Student Satisfaction learned by Socratic Method Questioning. The target groups are Mathematics Student Major on second year 58 people registers in Geometry for teacher subject. The instrument applied for data collection was the assess reasoning skills form. The data obtained were analyzed by the applications of percentage, mean and standard deviation.The study findings revealed the following:1. The effects of reasoning skills of Mathematics Student major on second year after using Socratic Method Questioning were higher than the 60% prescribed criterion.2. The scores on questionnaire showed an average satisfaction of the experimental group toward the instruction. Keywords - Development, Reasoning Skills, Socratic Method, Questioning