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Road Traffic Congestion Estimation System using GPS data

Traffic congestion is a major headache problem in urban area in both developing and developed countries. Congested roads can be avoided by determining the travel-time for a particular road ahead of time. In this paper, we present the traffic congestion estimation system using hidden markov model. We use data from GPS-enabled phones on vehicles to estimate the traffic conditions for cheaper and real time travel-time estimation. We accept the userís query including GPS data from the mobile phone and communicate with the cloud and present result to user. When we get the real time GPS data from mobile phone in vehicle, we use Map Matching algorithm to match these GPS data to road network to know which vehicles are on which roads. Framework based on Hidden Markov model is used to estimate the traffic congestion on each road by considering both historical traffic patterns and present traffic flow data. Then, we can choose the less congested route from these estimation results. Keywords- Traffic Estimation, GPS, Hidden Markov Model.