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“Ending The War Between Sales And Marketing”: Revisited

“Ending the war between Sales and Marketing (Kotler et al., 2006)”, highlighted the conflict between marketing and selling. Kotler et al., discussed the problem based on how the functions evolve in an organization and how that creates differences in the way each perceives the role of the other. A decade later, this paper revisits the topic and analyses the problem adding the consumer perspective. The paper develops a framework to show that the conflict is natural as marketing is focusing on building loyalty and therefore its role focuses on changing the consumer behaviour, whereas sales which is focusing on increasing sales is satisfying current behaviour. Synchronizing sales and marketing would require the sales function to not only focus on completing current sales but also help marketing modify behaviour and build loyalty. The paper suggests a framework wherein sales force continue to satisfy the current behaviour but help marketing by modifying the service orientation, the outlets where the brand is made available and the trade schemes. This would however, require a mind-set change from market share to customer base and short term profit to long term profit. Keywords - Market Orientation, Loyalty, Selling