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The Development Of Physical Activity Leaders In Physical Education And Exercise Science Students Using Contemplative Education Approach To Promote Physical Activity Among The Elderly In Phitsanulok, Thailand

The main purpose of this study was to develop physical activity leaders in physical education and exercise science students using contemplative education approach to promote physical activity among the elderly. This study is qualitative whose subject were 17 Physical Education and Exercise Science students taking the course Fundamental Movement at the faculty of education, Naresuan University in academic year 2014. The sample were picked using purposive sampling. The instrument used to promote physical activity among the elderly was contemplative education approach teaching plan. It consists of 7 principles, aka7Cs, which are Contemplation, Compassion, Connection, Confronting, Continuity, Commitment, and Community. They include activities which can facilitate the learning development of the learners which are 1) Check In 2) Sharing and Opening 3) Reflection and Conclusion 4) Service learning 5) After-action Review (AAR) 6) Follow up. The data were collected via participant observation, focus group discussions, and in-depth interviews. The data were analyzed using content analysis. The findings revealed that the learning process resulting in the balanced integration of physical, soul, and intellect. The students had learned to lead the elderly to do physical activity. The outcome of the learning came in three domains. The first one was cognitive. It was found that learners had understood the content taught in the course and connected it with self-awareness, understanding the difference between the elderly's physical body and mind. Secondly, psychomotor domain was present as learners developed to be focusing. They had learned through contemplation and acknowledged the importance of speaking and listening. Thus, they could make physical activity leaders promoting health for the elderly. Lastly, the affective domain shows that the learners had transformed his abilities into a fundamental. They had come to love and had compassion for the elderly. Keywords- Physical Activity Leaders, Contemplative Education, The Elderly