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Disposition-Experience-Satisfaction Nexus for Innovative Training in Nursing

The nursing students need to be treated as the customers of the instructors in order for them to achieve maximized trainee satisfaction for nursing excellence. This paper presents an empirical survey research done in Malaysia which examines the nursing disposition, emotional experience and trainee-instructor experience of student trainee nurses. The impacts of these variables on the trainee satisfaction were investigated. Five hundred and thirty-eight (538) usable questionnaires were analysed. The measures were multi-item scales rated with 7-point Likert scaling technique. The measures were found to be reliable and valid. The results from multiple regression analysis indicated that nursing disposition and experiences had significant impacts on the trainee satisfaction, but Training Experience (with the Instructor) was the most important factor. The nexus of relationships were developed and discussed. Implications for training service and nurse-instructor relationship management were also discussed. Keywords - Disposition, experience, satisfaction, nursing.