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Lightweight Authentication For Mobile Users In The Context Of Fog Computing

In the context of fog computing, users’ authentication is crucial in order to achieve trusted communication between fog computing components and end users. This paper presents a lightweight authentication protocol based on digital signatures.It consists of five phases; two setup phases, extract phase, signing phase, and verification phase. The signer user issues a digital signature using a signing key which is generated based on its identity. Amathematical proof for the verification process is presented. Moreover, a comparison with other related protocols according to the key generation method, key distribution method, and the security attacks model is discussed. The performance of the proposed protocol is evaluated based on the number and time of computation operations. The evaluation shows that the proposed protocol has a lower computation cost than its rivals. This makes it more efficient and suitable in supporting constrained devices of mobile users. Keywords - Fog Computing, Hierarchical Architecture, Lightweight Authentication, Identity Based Signature, User Mobility.