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Consumers Right As a Fundamental Right

After the Nice Treaty, December 2000, the fundamental rights were included in a single act, the so-called Charter of the fundamental rights. The aim was to give them greater focus and visibility. The member states intended to include in it the fundamental principles of the European Convention of the Human Rights (1950) and those derived from the constitutional traditions common to EU countries. The consumer’s right in the Nice Treaty, shaped as a constitutional character but also took a legal form and guarantees for the consumer “in a higher level of protection”. With the entry into force of Stabilization and Association Agreement, previously approved by the Albanian Parliament, Albanian must comply the national legislation to the CE directives. That is that the Albanian legislation about the consumer protection should be brought to a higher level of protection, should be constitutional rights. This article describes the constitutional character of the consumers right according to the EU legislation and the should be a constitutional character of the consumers right in the Albanian legislation. Key words - Consumer, fundamental right, constitution, charter.