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To Reveal Or To Conceal: The Experiences Of Women With Intimate Partner Violence In Malaysia

Recently, the issue of intimate partner violence (IPV) has been given attention by many stakeholders; however the issue is still underreported. This study aims to explore the experiences of women with intimate partner violence and their actions taken towards their cases. A total number of 234 women experiencing IPV were recruited in this study from all over Malaysia except for Sabah and Sarawak through household survey using random sampling of enumeration blocks. Data were collected using the WHO multi-country questionnaire. The findings showed that 194 of the survivors would like to reveal their issues and receiving help from someone. Only 9.3% reports to the police and 7.2% reports to the health workers. 91 of them mentioned the reasons as to why they sought help and 52 of them did not mention the reasons for not seeking help. In conclusion, there is still a lot of effort need to be done by policy makers, service providers and society for encouraging and empowering survivors to break the silence and get a proper channel for them to encounter these problems. Index Terms- Intimate partner violence, Experience, Survivors, Malaysia