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Automatic Generation and Deployment of IOT Management Mechanisms

The Internet of Things concept is booming in recent years. Governments and enterprises worldwide are widely promoting the application and development of the Internet of Things. The concept and application of the Internet of Things are basically implemented using similar practices so as to enable the Things to communicate with each other through information accessing, transferring, and processing. There are a very wide range of applications such as smart homes, smart factories, smart transportation, and environmental monitoring are all belong to applications related to the Internet of Things. The purpose of the proposed scheme is based on a large scale network management system with open source code to provide IoT developers with an automation mechanism and user interface so as to: 1) use the network management data structure to define the variables of various behaviors of the Internet of Things; 2) generate behavioral programs that generate behavioral variable values; 3) include the aforementioned variables into the monitoring and analysis processes in accordance with the Simple Network Management Protocol. The system architecture implemented in the proposed study mainly consists of three elements, including 1) an Event Engine: implemented with an open-source network management system, named OpenNMS, which is based on the Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP), Management Information Base (MIB), and the Structure of Management Information(SMI) and the like mechanism to supervise the IoT network devices; 2) MIB Generator: which can automatically generate MIB description files according to the Structure of Management Information to define the variables of Internet of Things behavior. It can also import the behavior parameter measurement function developed by the developer to generate the behavior variable value, and then generate the executable behavior program; 3) MIB Deployer: which deploy the MIB description file and the behavior parameter measurement function to the Internet of Things Measuring device and event engine (corresponding to OpenNMS); in this way, the management logic of the IoT system is automatically constructed, that is, the information of the sensor can be collected to monitor the behavior of the Internet of Things, thereby achieving a method for rapidly and effectively developing the Internet of Things management system. Keywords - IOT、SNMP、MIB、SMI、Event Engine